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root@upn3e20:~# fmadm faulty
--------------- ------------------------------------  -------------- ---------
TIME            EVENT-ID                              MSG-ID         SEVERITY
--------------- ------------------------------------  -------------- ---------
Feb 10 11:48:40 f24691a3-4308-40bc-8d63-97300ed05a10  USB-8000-4U    Major

Problem Status    : isolated
Diag Engine       : eft / 1.16
    Manufacturer  : Oracle-Corporation
    Name          : SPARC-T5-2
    Part_Number   : 31844336+1+1
    Serial_Number : AK00106592
    Host_ID       : 86359f12

Suspect 1 of 1 :
   Fault class :
   Certainty   : 100%
   Affects     : dev:////pci@340/pci@1/pci@0/pci@3/usb@0/hub@5/communications@2
   Status      : faulted but still in service

     Name             : "hc://:chassis-mfg=Oracle Corporation:chassis-name=SPARC T5-2:chassis-part=31844336+1+1:chassis-serial=AK00106592:fru-part=a4a2-0430:parent-serial=465769T+1320UL045U/chassis=0/motherboard=0/cpuboard=0/hostbridge=0/pciexrc=0/pciexbus=1/pciexdev=0/pciexfn=0/pciexbus=2/pciexdev=3/pciexfn=0/pciexbus=3/pciexdev=0/pciexfn=0/usbhub=5 /usbdev=2"
     Manufacturer     : unknown
     Name             : unknown
     Part_Number      : a4a2-0430
     Revision         : unknown
     Serial_Number    : unknown
        Manufacturer  : Oracle Corporation
        Name          : SPARC T5-2
        Part_Number   : 31844336+1+1
        Serial_Number : AK00106592
        Status        : faulty

Description : An end point stall was detected in the USB device and the
              corresponding driver may not be able to recover from the errors

Response    : Device may have been disabled or may not be fully functional.

Impact      : Loss of services provided by the device instances associated with
              this fault.

Action      : Use 'fmadm faulty' to provide a more detailed view of this event.
              Please refer to the associated reference document at
     for the latest service
              procedures and policies regarding this diagnosis.

root@upn3e20:~# fmadm repair f24691a3-4308-40bc-8d63-97300ed05a10
fmadm: recorded repair to f24691a3-4308-40bc-8d63-97300ed05a10
root@upn3e20:~# fmadm faulty

Sur la carte de management pour voir si le voyant d'erreur est allumé :

login as: root
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Oracle(R) Integrated Lights Out Manager

Version r83464

Copyright (c) 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Hostname: upn3e1

-> show /SYS/SERVICE


        type = Indicator
        ipmi_name = SERVICE
        value = Off